Developed specifically for mobile users, QuickThoughts exists exclusively as an app. iOS and Android users can now earn rewards for taking mobile surveys and secret shopping.

Most Interesting facts about QuickThoughts

Planned entirely for mobile users

Surveys can be finished in an extremely brief time period

Earn as much as $3 per survey from almost anywhere

Instantaneous access to 1000’s of surveys

Earn simply for being someplace with GPS regional activities

Free download

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Payment types:

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What we think

Download the free app for your iPhone, iPad, or Android and supply a special e-mail address. You will then be inquired about 10 questions to complete your profile. These consist of such standard things as e-mail address, password, and standard demographic details. Make sure to make it possible for area services so you get credit for being a secret buyer.

Surveys normally take much less time than their desktop equivalents. Anticipate to earn as much as $3 per survey. Some users have actually even reported squandering for $40 in simply 4 days. The present reward options are Amazon gift cards (Android users) and iTunes gift cards (iOS users), however they undergo change.

Declaring your gift could not be much easier. As soon as you have actually reached $10 worth of rewards, you can request your gift card right from your mobile phone. If you are an iOS user, you will get instantaneous iTunes credit, while Android users will get electronic Amazon Gift cards (or codes). Make certain to follow our ideas for redeeming Amazon gift codes.

QuickThoughts is backed by SSI (Survey Tasting International) and they have actually been gratifying users because the 1970’s. If any concerns do occur, you can anticipate a fast and polite response.

Just like any apps that use place services and GPS, some users report problems with battery life. This will be less obvious the more recent your gadget is. If you are worried about your battery life, you can disable the GPS function, however then you will not have the ability to take part in the secret shopping functions of the app.

If you are constantly on the go, now you can use your mobile phone make money for giving your ideas and opinions. QuickThoughts has actually grown in leaps and bounds due to increased mobile use throughout the board. All you require to do is take the surveys used, that are all simple and fast, and you’ll have the ability to earn iTunes or Amazon Gift Cards to use as you like.

Individuals who like shopping now have another method to earn loan while having a good time on their mobile phones and tablets. This program has actually genuinely accepted the pattern of the web ending up being increasingly more mobile everyday. If you wish to begin earning money on the go, download the Quick Words app right away.


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Quick thoughts cannot be trusted! They will deactivate your account for no apparent reason and you lose all of your earnings ! The customer support is a Absolutely ridiculous and worthless! It’s pretty much like having no support at all! They will reply with the most generic emails possible and let’s not forget the length of time it takes for them to reply! The email will accuse you of either having several accounts or not giving accurate information! However , they never actually tell you what did! I find it funny that everyone’s emails always read the same thing! YOU WILL GET LOCKED OUT FOR NOTHING!!!Do not fall for this! They do not like those who do well due to the fact they do not want to pay out even though they’ve gotten paid from those surveys!

I advise you to go online and read all of the complaints from individuals who have been locked out from their accounts! The complaints are numerous! It’s absolutely ridiculous !

3 years ago

My account was suspended for NO reason. The initial email I received let me know that it was a system update and a problem on their end. Said to contact them if I still couldn’t log in. I waited 2 days and still couldn’t. I send another help request. Lo and behold, “Abigail” tells me I violate their tems of service. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY..

4 years ago
Susan C Knight

Loved this app and wouldve given 5 stars, until I couldn’t log in anymore!! I’ve sent so many emails, trying to contact them about my log in problem, but to no avail. Not 1 answer back, not a word, totally ignored.

5 years ago

Way too slow with new offers, sometimes days at a time

5 years ago

I usually think of informative content as dull but necessary for learning. Interesting informational articles like this are rare. This material is informational without being boring and intimidating. Thank you.

5 years ago
Sarah Mullen

I started using quick thoughts about 2 weeks ago, and love the concept.. 10 or 15 mins on average for $1.. who doesn’t like free money for a little bit of time? My only complaint is that it seems like the closer you get to $10 in rewards the harder it is to get surveys you “have a good fit” with.. other than that, great app!

6 years ago

I like this app !!! Its awesome getting paid to take surveys!!! The only down aide is you only get paid with Amazon gift cards…..

It would be grate if you had other gift card options like Walmart or jcpeny… I would love to give it 5 stars but for now its just 3

6 years ago
Nikole E.

I have been using this app for a year and have received several gift cards, however, with one of the latest updates the app no longer allows me to sign in. I contacted customer service which suggested I delete the app and reinstall it. I did that, but still not able to use due to the sign in issue. I have banked $7.10 and have been unable to do anything with that money.

6 years ago
Kevin Collind

Freaky fantastic app. Awesome making money while playing on my cell during my free time. Keep up the good work people and make me rich.


6 years ago

The Android system works so much better with this app. The iPhone app did not have mobile-optimized surveys and I had to abandon about six of them because I simply wasn’t able to continue. I’m very happy with the Android version, though!

6 years ago
Julie Ann

My hobby is making money online and I always dream that someday I will be able to renovate my house with the money I earn from QuickThoughts.

7 years ago
Kristi Mays

Earning iTunes cash is always welcome. Sometimes it takes awhile to get to the $10 needed to cash in but nothing beats free money.

7 years ago

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