LiveSample is an enjoyable and basic method to take part in online surveys. Get participated in a $50,000 sweeps for every single survey you complete. Take fast surveys daily for more opportunities to win.

Most Interesting facts about LiveSample

It’s free-and-easy to take part.

Take your very first survey immediately.

Get in the $50,000 sweepstakes each time you get involved.

Take numerous surveys daily to enhance your possibilities to win.

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What we think

You should be at least 13 years of age to take part in LiveSample surveys. Register with a legitimate e-mail address and complete a brief profile to get started.

There is presently just one reward that LiveSample offers and it’s a huge one; a $50,000 grand reward winner is picked every 3 months. If you’re fortunate enough to win you’ll be gotten in touch with by means of both e-mail and general delivery. Ensure you keep your profile current so you do not lose out!

Users report a really positive experience with LiveSample’s customer care. Questions and technical problems are resolved rapidly and courteously.

It goes without stating the significant disadvantage here is that you will just get sweepstakes entries for your efforts. Luck will need to be on your side in a huge method if you want earn. There is no doubt that winning the $50,000 might be life-altering, so it deserves a shot.

There is no question that LiveSample’s sweepstakes is authentic. They can offer such a big reward due to the fact that they belong to a bigger network of sites backed by sweepstakes giant and marketing research company, Innovative Discussions.

The surveys are typically fast and fascinating, however you’ll be risking your effort and time with absolutely nothing however a long shot to make some genuine cash. If you like sweepstakes than this program is for you, if you choose hard cash you might wish to look elsewhere.


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Brad Meyer

LS used to be a pretty decent site, but they’ve got to shit now just like all others. Now it appears they are locking accounts for not answering the open text questions just like they want them done.

3 years ago
Jeffcoat Wayne

I’ve filled out LiveSample surveys through Quickrewards, and I get the same problem as Shanthi:spend 30 minutes filling out a survey from top to bottom, and then being told, “Sorry, you don’t qualify!” Oddly enough, you’ll be disqualified for an estimated 10-minute survey within the first couple of questions, but they’ll string you along on an estimated 30-minute survey.

4 years ago

surveys that don’t apply to me like for example: car insurance I don’t have a car. I wound like to get in my account I can’t wanna see what’s on it how many points or credits

5 years ago
Shanthi Collooru

I just finished a whole survey – a 30 minute survey and now it says that I did not qualify, and that was after I finished my demographic information as well.

LiveSample gets you to take surveys and they promise you to credit your account but after dedicating 30 minutes and finishing the whole survey they say you are not qualified.

That is so wrong!!!!

5 years ago

How could anyone rate this site 5 stars? They’re unethical con artists. They lock accounts for days to weeks at a time for no reason at all. If you start earning too much with them, your choice of surveys starts getting smaller, and you’re suddenly not the “right type” for them. Live Sample is a joke and a scam. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t paying attention.

5 years ago
Patricia Champion

I just answered a question to start a survey and you said it was wrong and froze my account until tomorrow. The questions was what needs tires and I answered with a “bicycle”. If you can say that a bicycle doesn’t need tires, then you are purposely freezing my account for another reason and not answering the question correctly is not one of them. Yesterday, I also answered a question correctly in what was invented first which was the telephone from a list of light bulb and cell phone and again got the same responses. I would like to know what the reason you are saying this when in fact the correct answer is chosen. If you have no survey available at the time, please sate so and don’t say the wrong answer was chosen. I’m gong to take a picture of the screen next time and if I pick the right answer and you freeze my account, then I know you are not acting ethically.

5 years ago

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