YouGov performs surveys on the Web about politics, public affairs, items, brand names and other subjects of basic interest. Plus, you’ll seldom get disqualified from taking among their surveys.

Most Interesting facts about YouGov

Earn cash by means of PayPal, gift cards to Amazon, iTunes, and more.

Anticipate $0.75-$ 1.50.

Fairly brief surveys, balancing about 5-7 minutes and at the majority of 20 minutes.

Topics differ on a lots of various social, political, and popular culture problems.

REALLY low disqualification rate.

Enhanced for mobile phones.

13 and older accepted.

Excellent referral program.

Dependable on payment, points do not vanish, excellent customer care.

Offer Types

Payment types:

Available in countries:

What we think

Registration is free of charge with this website and the procedure is also extremely easy. Clicking the “Register Now” allows you to respond to particular profile questions. Responding to these questions takes approximately 2-3 minutes, which also immediately gets you 1000 points. All those points for simply signing up!

YouGov is home to a huge range of rewards, from the typical suspects like cash and gift cards, to less typical reward choices like pre-paid VISA cards, motion picture coupons, charitable contributions, and even YouGov branded product.

if gift cards are your thing, you remain in luck as YouGov offer gifts cards for all the significant gamers consisting of Amazon, Finest Buy, iTunes, Walmart, and more.

We have actually experienced absolutely nothing however good ideas with YouGov’s customer care. Queries are responded to rapidly and pleasantly. If you have missing out on points or your redemption is sluggish, you’ll constantly hear back from them in a couple of hours.

Although there’s no doubt about YouGov’s dependability and their intriguing surveys, survey welcomes are rather irregular. Plus, they are relatively rigorous about their quota, and might decline you based upon your ZIP or other geographical elements.

In basic, these aren’t the most significant downsides, however there might be much better alternatives if you’re searching for regular welcomes.

YouGov definitely has its act together when it pertains to topical surveys, intriguing material, and reputable payment. We can extremely recommend this panel, however not if you’re a little on the restless side. The high payment limit is an unfavorable for some survey takers, however if you include YouGov to your profile of numerous survey websites it’s definitely worth having in your toolbox.

YouGov also has a referral program where you can earn points when your good friends and extended member of the family register for YouGov and much more points if they link through Facebook to YouGov.


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I been with them for more than a year finally reach points to redeem but when I try to redeem it say to check my data in try to reach them several times and no respond. I think its a waste of time. Because you wont get nothing back

2 years ago

I live in India and I engage with this panel since last 1 and half year.

I reached upto 5200 points but the redemption button is not working.

When i try to redeem it will redirect me to home page only.

I contact to their customer support but i did not get any satisfactory response from them.

Even i keep patience and sent nearabout 7 to 8 mails,I did not get a single reply from them.

So I suggest not to join this site.

2 years ago
Antonio Morales Cordoba


I cumulated 122,000 points with YouGov over a year doing 100+ surveys. I even referred to some friends.

When I tried to redeem my points for Amazon voucher or Visa prepaid, they wont let me do it. According to them, I carried suspicious activity on my account. After than initial email, no further answer, no further explanation.

So, One year answering surveys like a slave to receive a one-line answer and then cut all communication. Well done, scammers!

Save your time and effort to something more productive.

3 years ago
Charlene Caston

Interesting the way survey questions are phrased to mislead users and advance false information. EX: superpac supporting Cruz, when in reality it is an anti-Trump superpac.

4 years ago
Cory Olive

Sometimes they get me mixed up with the biased and unbiased. But generally they ask pertinent questions.

5 years ago
Rosemary Avery

Their surveys are very interesting. You get a decent amount of them. I look forward to getting them.

5 years ago
thomas friedman

like you got gov

5 years ago
Elizabeth Bennington

Easy to navigate site. Great pertinent topics to share my opinions. Awesome rewards and totally worth your while. Kudos to You Gov!

5 years ago
carol c

I really like this site. It discusses the latest issues and gives you very good choices in how to answer the question.

5 years ago
Edwina Robertson

I enjoying doing there survey at You Gov. They give you a lot of different opinions answer questions. Also you can receive points to earn on your account . So I have been with over the years. Thank You !!!

5 years ago
dianna vines

You Gov, is a very intresting web site. I visit this site about twice a week to answer questions and give my oponion on various different things. The questions they ask you are different from any other site I go to. They are more intrested in your political opinuions than anything else.

5 years ago
Marlene Younglove

This is a Great Survey Site and provides well, professional like surveys which are interesting and many different subjects. Rewards are Great and their web page is good information and polls to participate in. I really enjoy You Gov.!

5 years ago
Robert Cole

Professionly presented!!!

5 years ago
darleen smith

I am new to them, but really enjoy the surveys with YouGov.

6 years ago

Review YouGov.

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