PointClub matches you with high-paying surveys from a huge database of marketing research companies. Earn points towards gift cards or PayPal by finishing paid surveys. Plus, get 5,000 points ($ 5) when you complete your profile.

Most Interesting facts about PointClub

Get numerous paid surveys in your account control panel.

5,000 point benefit for finishing your profile.

Get instantly matched to 3rd party paid surveys for additional earnings.

Earn points for product testing, testing free samples, and more.

Pick from a substantial variety of gift cards for rewards.

Offer Types

Payment types:

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What we think

Getting going is really simple. Register with your Google or Facebook account or e-mail and get rolling. Respond to a couple of standard demographic questions and you’re all set to go. Upon finishing your profile in the “Response” area you’ll immediately get several paid surveys for which you’re qualified.

Rewards differ considerably relying on the length of surveys, kind of offer, and other aspects. For surveys you can anticipate anywhere from $1-$ 10, while some trial offers and product testing can pay up to $20.

PointClub does deal with a points system, however it is very simple. Every 1,000 points are comparable to $1 in redemption value.

A minimum of 10,000 points ($ 10) are needed to cash out. Simply go to the “Redeem” area in your account and select your gift card of option that includes PayPal cash.

PointClub definitely has a great deal of surveys for you to take, however you might wish to keep away from the “paid trial offers” if you wish to adhere to paid marketing research. While you will earn money for registering for numerous offers, you might be needed to spend for trial durations, which can get a bit challenging. If you do not cancel your trial within a specific amount of time, you are charged for the quantity of the product or service and might not get enough compensation to comprise the distinction.

Point Club has actually just recently gone through a substantial style upgrade. Mobile and desktop users need to have the ability to browse their account and find earning chances with ease. The brand-new “Point Bank” function permits you to select your reward, then the system will immediately choose the very best activities for you to reach your objective in the fastest time.

They even have an amusing brand-new TELEVISION commercial. Check it out:

PointClub is definitely a survey program growing. The earning chances here are exceptional. When your profile is complete, you’ll get possibly numerous paid surveys from different business. Most importantly, they will be ideal in your account control panel so you will not need to wait on e-mail welcomes. Though you might not receive every survey you exist, you are most likely to get approved for future surveys as PointClub matches your profile with the surveys that are presently offered.

In addition, you can also earn by enjoying videos, playing video games, and even listening to Web radio.

PointClub is quickly broadening. The capacity here is through the roofing system and is definitely worth your time.


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I’ve done great here, I think I’m up to $100 on Amazon. Takes me about a week to get the reward email. I have better luck on here than anything else, especially Vindale. About half of those dumped me just a few questions away and they did not give a eff!

Anyway back to PointClub. They have a great and interesting interface and have treated me right for the 4 or so months I’ve been on it.

5 years ago

Point club is run by rude and useless people I have emailed them about a half dozen times concerning then closing my account and not giving me my two ten dollar walmart gift cards with no answers.I have had it with them they stink .People I suggests you do not get involved with them because they will rip you off.

5 years ago
christine Valle

Point club recent redesign adversely affects the participants. They now take forever to redeem and are as bad as Swagbucks at dumping you within the last few questions on a survey. I wouldn’t waste my time with them. Go find another company. I complained about four weeks ago about a lost redemption. They were experiencing delays. I get a note terminatingh me. Was this expeditious rather than pay me? They allege I had committed survey faux pas but didn’t cite any specifics. I think they are now officially a scam.

5 years ago
carol green

Point club is awful I tired for over two weeks to get my two gift cards they refuse to give them to me they went and closed my account without me knowing about it,they said like my answer didnt match what they were looking for like I was lying I dont lie also there surveys i took were invalid what kind of bull is that,I can no longer use it because they say I cannot be reinstared,who does and audit on a survey?I am sp disgusted right now I tried emailing them three times about this nonsense to no avail. So I worked hard to earn those gift cards and now I wont be able to get them I am totally fed up

5 years ago

Worst site ever! Ever since October 2017 they have stopped paying out. I had 50$ pending & because I kept inquiring about it they sent me an email today saying they closed my account. I was a level 10 member, meaning I logged in and did surveys regularly and they had no loyalty.

5 years ago
Randall Barham

This site is a scam and has stopped paying,been waiting for weeks for a payout to paypal for points earned and they have emailed me multiple times to say the payment is on the way and have yet to receive it. They do not pay and are a bunch of liars.

5 years ago
Paula Romportl

For anyone even remotely thinking about using this site, please see below for my experience with it. My email to them is below their reply to me. I get a kick out of them terminating my membership and then asking me if I’ve entered their sweepstakes. Puhleeease!! I did as their site suggested and sent an email to them with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. I’m not even going to try to appeal to them as based on others’ experiences, it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve had much better luck with Opinion Outpost as a survey site.

Yet another negative review for this site: Team PointClub (PointClub)

Aug 11, 16:33 PDT

Hello Paula,

Your account was recently flagged in our system, which uses validation and verification services by TrueSample (the industry standard in market research) to detect potentially fraudulent or questionable activity. These flags resulted in your PointClub account being shut off indefinitely.

Because we understand that technology is never 100% certain, we have manually investigated the flags on your behalf. Member advocacy is important to us, so ensuring no mistakes or situational exceptions might have occurred is our top priority.

I regret to inform you that, in this instance, we have chosen to follow the recommendation of our verification services and leave your account deactivated.

We apologize for any hassle.

Best Regards,

Customer Service Manager

Team PointClub

Have you entered our sweepstakes today?

To enter go to https://www.facebook.com/officialpointclub/

Paula Romp

Paula Romportl

Aug 11, 16:06 PDT

Message : I’ve noticed that since July 5, there have been no new surveys on your site. I have logged in religiously every day and still see no new surveys. I used to log in at various times throughout the day and there would always be several surveys to choose from. Most of the time, I didn’t qualify and was satisfied with the 12 points I would receive for my time-that’s more than most survey sites do for survey takers who work long and hard at completing surveys for little reward. I was eager to try your site and have been very happy up until the surveys stopped being available. Please advise what has happened to your site, are you having issues keeping surveys on your site? If so, I will find another survey site to use as it seems difficult to log in every day to keep up at the 100% level only to find no new survey opportunities. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Paula Romportl

5 years ago
Mary Jane

I took a 20 min survey and just when it submitted the site crashed. Now they won’t even give me a small credit just for good faith even though I’ve given them tons of details about the event. Also I’ve been waiting 6 days for a reward that is still pending.

5 years ago
John Dough

Great initially. But now I have not surveys for two weeks. They seem to have shut me off since getting my 2nd $25 PayPal payment.

5 years ago
abderahim redouane

Best site ever 25$ a week

5 years ago

42 days $25 x 3= $75 I like being kicked out of surveys at the beginning unlike other survey company’s waste your time.

6 years ago
Susan Flores

Just added games, visit ads for 10pts each. I do this between surveys. Easy navigation. Friendly customer service if you have questions and speedy reply most days. Love it! Highly recommend PointClub! Have been with them for awhile and not disappointed.

6 years ago

Pointclub is so great, really different from any other websites!

6 years ago

I been with PointClub for a short time time now and I am really impressed with this website

6 years ago

Great experience so far. I am happy to be earning points quickly.

7 years ago

Review PointClub.

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