PaidViewpoint uses a special “Traitscore” system so you never ever get disqualified from paid surveys. Rewards are paid regularly through PayPal within 72 hours as soon as you reach $15.

Most Interesting facts about PaidViewpoint

Never ever get disqualified for a survey.

Payment within in 72 hours by PayPal after reaching $15.

Accurate and expert with a focus entirely on marketing research.

Earn a fast $2 after registering by finishing “qualities” surveys.

The longer you get involved the more you’ll earn per survey.

The more surveys you take the more invites you’ll get.

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What we think

Beginning with PaidViewpoint takes a little additional effort (when you find the “Register” button on their web page), however it’s well worth it. Registering is basic enough, however you’ll also be asked some fundamental details about yourself, together with some character questions. In addition, you’ll be asked to validate your telephone number.

Confirmation is done by phone to make certain you get surveys you’ll never ever be evaluated out of and also to avoid scams. The entire procedure ought to just take about 5 minutes. Plus, you’ll earn a $1 simply for finishing registration.

PaidViewpoint just handles surveys. You’ll start by taking part in “Traitscore” surveys. These produce an algorithm that increases as the system ends up being more trusting of you and your survey responses, when you reach a specific level you begin earning money more per survey.

Surveys tend to be on much shorter side and are exceptionally expert and focused in subject and tone. Anticipate to earn anywhere from $0.50-$ 2 per survey.

Survey rewards are identified by several aspects internally determined by PaidViewpoint. In basic, the more work you need to do the more you’ll earn money. For instance, a two-minute survey might earn you a simple $0.25 while longer ones can reach into the $2 variety.

Redemption is basic and uncomplicated. As soon as you reach $15.00 in incomes, simply request your rewards through the website and you’ll get them by means of PayPal in 72 hours or less.

Customer support is definitely excellent. Anticipate exceptionally fast actions in the not likely occasion of any issues.

Although PaidViewpoint is incredibly expert, the primary gripe from users is the absence of surveys to take. Considering that the business truly drills down on discovering the best demographics for their customers, you might find yourself getting just a few earning chances.

The “Traitscore” system is what PaidViewpoint uses to specifically target their surveys so you do not get DQ ‘d (disqualified). Characteristics surveys are little collections of questions that assist them get to much better know you and your interests.

Bear in mind that your name and physical address are never ever requested so you do not need to fret about personal privacy issues. You’ll get repeating Traitscore questions, which will enable you to earn more per survey and get more invites.

Without a doubt, PaidViewpoint’s leading selling point is the reality you’ll never ever get disqualified from a survey. Ever! Surveys fast and enjoyable however sadly not too various.

The account control panel is easy and instinctive and you can establish your survey alert choices in seconds. You will also get numerous “character” based surveys to assist the business send you much better surveys. The more of these “Traitscore” surveys you take, the more you’ll begin earning per routine survey.

PaidViewpoint is a well-rounded exceptional program, however you definitely will not be getting rich fast. This is definitely a case of the sluggish dime vs. the fast nickel. If you’re serious about surveys and in it for the long run this program is an outright must.

Run by Umongous Inc., PaidViewpoint has actually gathered a well was worthy of track record of being a trusted payer and have an exceptional commitment program. The website is regularly admired by survey takers and you’ll be hard pushed to find grievances with the BBB or other sources consisting of people online. It can be specified with self-confidence PaidViewpoint is not a rip-off.


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Joy Galloway

I have been using PaidViewPoint for about 1 year now and I am close to reaching the minimum but it is takes way too long. In the end, I don’t think it is worth it. I contacted them about why it was taking so long for me to reach $15, and they told me that it was normal and that I needed to login everyday. Which I don’t think is the case. Anyways, I think I wil be closing my account soon. Earning $15 in 2 or 4 months (even half a year) sounds more reasonable. A year is just too long and tedious.

5 years ago


I HAVE 4 REFERALLS that they never payed to me…. (25$ for 1 Referrals…) SCAMMERS!!!

5 years ago
Marcy Mills

I love doing the surveys,they really are short and fun.But its gonna take another year to really make enough to cash out.Iv been getting .10 per survey mostly but they only give me 1 most days..2 days ago,I made 1.00 on a survey,no survey for me since!

5 years ago
Gregory Radcliffe

I agree with Abby. I have been waiting for over 3 years to get to the $15 pay out from this company as well. This company is TRULY NOT worth your time.

6 years ago

You earn 10 cents per survey! Not worth the time. It has taken me 2 years, and that is with answering every survey that is sent my way within a day, to earn $15…

6 years ago
Michelle McGill

This web site is a great way to earn extra money

7 years ago

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