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paid research studies u of m :
Paid Subject Pool : University of Michigan PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT
A subject (person who participates in the research project) can be anyone: an University of Michigan 1012 East Hall 530 Church Street Ann Arbor, MI
www.lsa. u mich.ed u /psych/ research /participate/ paid /
Student Guidelines for Participation : University of Michigan
You can satisfy the Introductory Psychology Subject Pool course requirement by participating only in Subject Pool studies . There are many research projects on campus needing subjects, and there are also paid subject pools, but we do not accept your participation in those studies toward the requirement.
www.lsa. u mich.ed u /psych/ u ndergrad/ research /pool/partici
University of Manitoba: U of M Faculty of Arts Centre for
There are a few things that I should stress. The CRC research program derives from a strong base in postcolonial cultural studies as they are developing a dialogue with the interdisciplinary fields of cultural studies and globalization studies .
www. u research /index.html
The Joy Project + Treatment and Research Studies
LINKS; UK Study ; A list of research studies currently looking for volunteers in the UK. Joseph C. Mifsud M .A., Psy.S., Minnesota; E-EATING RESEARCH ; Men and women (18-46) who are over weight and have a problem with e eating are invited to participate in a paid research study at the University of Minnesota.
Native American & Indigenous Studies Association (NAISA) :
The American Indian Studies Department at the U of M is excited to host the third meeting. 2009 marks the 40th anniversary of the department’s founding – the oldest such program in the country with departmental status. April 13, 2009 Deadline for paid ads in the program booklet.
amin. u mn.ed u /naisa2009/
The Changing Environment of Northern Michigan" details studies of U
I also remember the night she phoned home to report (in tears) that she d broken her foot and would have to wear a cast for most of the time she was hiking those 10,000 acres and sailing on U of M s Great Lakes research vessel. m /entertainment/changing-book/
Education <- Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research <- U of R
As well, a Master s degree is offered in five areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Adult Education, or Human Resource Development. The M .Ed. All applicants must meet the general admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research . In addition,
www. u studies /calendar/progra ms /education .
Business Administration <- Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research <-
The transfer credit policy of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research enables up to three courses (9 credit hours) to be transferred into the M .B.A.. M .H.R. M ., and M .Admin (Leadership) programs from other institutions where a degree has not been awarded.
www. u studies /calendar/progra ms /administra
Center for Transportation Studies University of Minnesota
U Of M Study : In 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers graded the overall U .S. infrastructure with a "D" — the nation s bridges alone earned a "C." But research is under way to advance the capabilities and usability of bridge inspection and monitoring technology. Center for; Transportation Studies ;
www.cts. u mn.ed u /

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