National Consumer Panel

Join Nielsen’s National Customer Panel and earn cash, electronic devices, gift cards, sweepstakes entries and more simply for scanning barcodes on the items and groceries you acquire every day.

Most Interesting facts about National Consumer Panel

Get rewarded for scanning your groceries and other purchases.

Get a free barcode scanner or use the app to scan items.

Pick from a big product catalog when you redeem your points.

Take surveys on a range of subjects to earn a lot more points.

Get sweepstakes entries for your continuous involvement.

Backed by marketing research leaders Nielsen and IRi.

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What we think

You can request the National Customer Panel by finishing a brief profile. As soon as you’re authorized, a portable barcode scanner will be sent out to you entirely free of charge.

Positions are frequently minimal based upon postal code, so do not feel bad if you do not qualify and make sure to keep attempting.

NCP is trying to find exacting information about what their members purchase. The procedure is extremely basic, you’ll be sent out a scanner where you’ll earn points for scanning all of the items you purchase. When you have actually scanned one or a hundred items, simply hook the scanner to your PC by USB cable television and publish your purchases. When your report is processed, you’ll get important points for your purchases.

NCP also now has actually updated and has an app for Android and iPhone that carries out the very same function as the barcode scanner. Mobile phone users must certainly make the most of the app for benefit.

When you have actually ended up being a recognized member, you might get follow up surveys to look for satisfaction and basic input on the important things you purchase. You’ll get much more points based upon the length of survey for your involvement.

You’ll get both points and sweepstakes entries for each week you scan your purchases and publish your information to the National Customer Panel.

Points can be exchanged for a large range of product from electronic devices (like iPads and LCD Televisions) to kitchenware (like Keurig coffee machine and KitchenAid mixers).

Sweepstakes are held each week, month, and quarter. The quarterly drawing offers you a possibility to win a $20,000 grand reward. Other sweepstakes rewards consist of cool hard cash, Visa cards, and iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

National Customer Panel needs you to earn $20 worth of points prior to you can redeem, however it’s simple to acquire points if you scan a great deal of items. When you exchange your points, you can anticipate to get your items in a about 4 weeks. You’ll able to pick from a big selection of product when you’re all set to redeem.

Plus, points do not end and the longer you hang on to your points, the more value you get.

This program is backed by the Nielsen business so anticipate fast and considerate response if you encounter any issues.

Considering that scanning all of your purchases can be a bit laborious, some may consider the compensation from National Customer Panel to be a bit low for the effort.

As pointed out, National Customer Panel is backed by the Nielsen business, so you can anticipate a reputable, well-run program.

And here’s some more great news … NCP has actually just recently included the capability to scan beer and alcohol, so if you find yourself purchasing a great deal of this things you’ll acquire the points rapidly.

If you purchase a great deal of groceries and do not mind making the effort to scan them, National Customer Program is an excellent method to earn a range of rewards in addition to sweepstakes entries. There’s actually no reason not to give this one a try. May too make money for things you currently purchase, right?

If you remain thorough about scanning the items you purchase, you will be qualified to acquire some terrific product. It’s also worth keeping in mind, that if you find NCP isn’t for you, a pre-paid shipping label is offered you to send your scanner back. Since December 2015, you can now use their app which carries out the exact same function as the scanner which gets rid of the trouble of shipping if you change your mind.

Backed by Nielsen, National Customer Panel has actually been around for many years. You might find some problems online about it being excessive work for insufficient cash, however you’ll be hard pushed to find anybody that got directly scammed. NCP might not be for everybody, however it is by no stretch of the creativity a rip-off.


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John Barlow

I love this. Iv been doing it for a while now and always have a great experience. Plus its the only survey panel that has ever actually paid anything. Love you guys

4 years ago
Barb Allen

I’m sorry, but this panel doesn’t pay well, you can only use your few weekly points for scanning (350 points a week) to buy lame, over priced, out-dated items (like a kindle fire 7 tablet, which will take 60,000 points to buy). There are no e-gift cards to order or prepaid Visa cards. Once in a blue moon their sweepstakes may offer an Amazon card, but you need to have accumulated enough points to enter the sweepstakes and the chance of winning is about as god as winning the Powerball lottery. Nielsen s too cheap.

5 years ago
Shirley McLerran

I have been with NCP for a little over one year. I enjoy scanning my purchases and transmitting back to NCP. For being with them for a year, they are giving me a gift. So, right now, I’m waiting for my gift. In my book, this is the BEST survey program that I have come across!!! I have called them a few times, and each time I called, each person that I talked to was very friendly and kind!!!

7 years ago
SJune Berger

NCP is very interesting way to let companies know what consumers want in their products. I haven’t done much reviews but scanned a few products so far.

7 years ago
Marta BERNADETTE Alvarez

The scanner is super easy to use, I just wish the points would accrue faster.

7 years ago
Elda Boardway

I am a member of National Consumer Panel and I totally enjoy scanning and transmitting my information weekly. I also enjoy answering the surveys they send to me. I would really miss National Consumer Panel if they were not here. They have been here for me a lot. This huge company is fantastic! I rate them 5 stars.

7 years ago
Evonne Cordell

Average is giving them the benefit of doubt, I joined several weeks ago, was confirmed, etc. and have not heard anything since. Disappointed,

7 years ago

It took me 7 years to get on this panel, But once I was on I started earning REWARD POINTS for transmitting my weekly purchases. I’ve been a member for three years now and have enjoyed all aspects of the panel thus far. There “Rewards Program” is very simple, You can use your points to redeem for a number of very high quality items.

I highly recommend this panel.

7 years ago

I have been a member of this Panel for 8 years, and I have nothing but great reviews for this panel! The work involved is minimal and the rewards are very good. This should be one of your top sites to join if you are interested in participating in surveys.

7 years ago
Kenneth A Riedel

I enjoy the process of scanning my purchases and it helps to make it easier to evaluate shopping habits that may need to be adjusted. The only thing keeping this site a solid 5-star site is that the choice of gift cards is really slim and excludes Amazon gift cards that are prevalent on most other survey sites and the gift choices require a large amount of points & aren’t really great choices. I always feel that I have to settle for something.

7 years ago

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